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Our approach to project management is flexible as every project is unique and requires different planning and implementation as per its technical requirements. With able project managers who facilitate smooth and seamless operations have thorough understanding of the process from concept to production. They effectively ensure that the deliverables qualify the criteria.

From planning to scheduling to monitoring and tracking, our project managers manage all stages of production and communicate withing the team and with the authors, publishers and production editors. The project manager handles


Content Editorial Services


The most important of the editorial process is the Copyediting. Our editors are post graduates and doctorates in their respective discipling and can handle the editing of simplest to the most complex content. Be it the reviewing of manuscript or language polishing or structuring of content our team can do it with ease. The knowledge of the requisite styles and specs helps them to adapt to the requirement and deliver crisp content, making reading an enjoyable experience for the readers. The tasks covered under the editorial segment at Acrux includes

  • Manuscript preparation
  • Language polishing
  • Structuring of content
  • Copy editing – all levels
  • Editorial proof reading

Page Composition

Page Composition


Typesetting or interior design should be smooth and subtle creating enjoyment, so that the reader is attracted towards reading rather than distracted. Regardless of the medium, whether it be for print or online and Irrespective of the subject matter and category it belongs to, Acrux can create unique and appealing layouts in single or two or four colour and appropriately place the text and pictures to bring an astonishing product , thus helping you to accomplish the mission of creating great reader experience. Our expert team of typesetting specialists create ready to publish files for wide range of publications. The specialities include,

  • Template creation
  • Book Interior Design
  • Artwork Placing
  • Print ready files
  • Pitstop Reports

Art & Illustration

Art & Illustration

4. Art & Illustration

  • The creative artists are knowledgeable to produce art pieces as per requirement. Whether it be a simple line art or a complex mythological drawing or a cartoon or a map, our graphic designers can deliver accurate and impeccable designs.
  • With hands on experience in using the designing software’s like Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw and MS Paint, our creative team have handled many anatomical, situational children book art requirements including book covers.
  • The team is not only skilled at producing fresh pieces of art but also can work on enhancement of the existing images by performing colour correction, relabelling and file format conversion.



5. Indexing

To aid the reader in easy retrieval of data, compare and match them with relevant context, the indexers at Acrux perform

  • Keyword Indexing
  • Reference Indexing

Data conversion

Data Conversion

6. Data conversion

The changing trends and technologies have made this century a digital paradise. Global business environment has become digital friendly. To ensure your presence in the digital space Acrux provides a list of conversion services. The highly trained data conversion specialists can deal with all types of digital conversions predominantly XML and eBook conversion Services, from any input format and have them converted suiting various reading devices and distribution platforms.

  • XML
    • Style Sheet Creation
    • DTD – PubMed, NLM, JATS
    • Parsing
  • eBooks
    • ePUB 2
    • ePUB 3 (Reflowable &Fixed layout)
    • Interactive and enhanced eBooks (Read aloud)
    • Audio, Video and animated eBooks
  • Scanning & OCR
    • B/W & Colour scanning using Drum and bed scanners
  • Data Entry
    • Online and Offline data Entry



7. Accessibility

Acrux is a proven and able provider of accessibility services, which complies with the requirements and standards of ADA, 508 & WCAG standards. Clients across industries, around the world have used the accessibility and remediation services of Acrux to tackle their accessibility related challenges. With its expert team and innovative accessible platform, Acrux performs document accessibility audits, remediation, and conformance validation and have assisted clients across variety of industry verticals in their need for accessibility. Over the years, we have gained experience and exposure to end to end accessibility services which includes, consulting, training, auditing and remediation.

  • Our services are not limited to
    • Document Accessibility executed in line with ADA/508 Compliance
    • ePub Accessibility Services
    • eLearning Content Accessibility Solutions
    • Creation of Interactive Content conforming to Accessibility norms
    • Creation & Insertion of Alt Text image descriptions
    • Web Content Accessibility as per WCAG 2.1 guidelines
    • Accessible Forms, PDFs and other documents
    • Caption / Transcription for audio
  • The team at Acrux start with ascertaining the scope of the project after its receipt. The process starts with
    • Analysis of provided documents or websites and relevant materials for feasibility
    • Itemising the images accordingly as Tables, infographics, Mathematical drawings, graphical representations etc.,
    • Devising of the processes and execution model along with the challenges
  • Scope of the project includes:
    • Complete analysis of the Source documents
    • Appropriate tagging
    • ALT text insertion.
    • Bookmark Creation
    • Checking Document Properties.
    • Validation and reports

With effective and stringent quality control processes combined with the understanding of the requirement, wide range of assistive technologies, are used to check the final product for its compliance with the standard requirements. The technology assists in asserting the method in which a PDF or a document is be tagged or remediated for accessibility. Our test set up includes:

    • Speech recognition: Dragon Naturally Speaking
    • Screen readers: JAWS (versions 9 to 2020/Fusion), NVDA
    • Screen magnifiers: ZoomText (versions 11 to 2020/Fusion), SuperNova, MAGic
    • Literacy software: Read&Write Gold 12 (PDF Reader) and 11 (PDF Aloud), Claro Read
  • Validations:

    The validation process is done with multiple methods to ensure the final product passes through the final Quality audit. It involves

    • Full Check
    • Common Look
    • PAC Version 3.0


When you hand good people possibility, they do great things

Acrux’s competitive advantage and the source of great value to our clients comes not only from our expertise in IT solutions and ITES professional services but from several aspects of our unique business model including an innovative offshore development approach, client-centric account management, business & technology competency centers, and business continuity preparedness. We like having our own targets and achieving them year by year, we are focused, committed, and target oriented.


I would like to give my sincere thanks to the Acrux team for their outstanding commitment to our project. The team took the time to thoroughly understand the vision and the requirements of the project, broke it into a comprehensive set of specifications, divided them into clearly defined sprints, and executed each sprint on time or ahead of time. Not only that, the team was also extremely responsive to inquiries and requests during the Complete project, always answering each within 12 hours or less. The weekly calls were always well attended, and every action was tracked and updated until they were completed to our satisfaction. As a result of this dedication and commitment, our Project was finished on time, on budget, and in spec. Each inquiry was handled promptly and professionally. Acrux has been an outstanding partner for our project, and I can wholeheartedly recommend them as a Digital Publishing partner.

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We want to express our appreciation for the wonderful job and the excellent service that Acrux IT Services provides to CODEMANTRA on various platforms of publishing.

Acrux is now our knowledge partners for Accessibility, XML and Epub services. Team at

ACRUX is responsive to our needs and changing requirements of the Project. With the

support, help, ideas and dedication offered to us by the wonderful team of Acrux IT Services

we expect more Project to roll.

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My experience outsourcing Project to Acrux IT Services was a good one. They handled the process of my project proficiently and professionally. Working with Ravi and his team was a great experience. It was easy communicating with him. He understood what I needed and worked very hard to deliver on time. I very much appreciated the amount of care he and his team put in delivering quality services and ensuring I am satisfied with their work. I would recommend using Acrux IT Services to businesses looking to outsource their development/publishing requirements.

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