Acrux stays concentrated on its prime goal to convey excellent answers to its customers at ideal expenses by embracing the most applicable and cutting-edge innovations through enabling experts and building trust-based associations with its customers. Through solid asset pipeline, monetary straightforwardness and great corporate administration hone, Acrux’s customers gain the advantages of best staff; an exceptional, customer-centered culture and administration responsibility concentrated on long-haul relationships. Acrux vision is clear, making Acrux a name as well as a brand, first-rate arrangements and administration based organization by 2020.


Our mission statements clearly and strongly identify key actions for our various stakeholders:

  • We are on our mission and many hands to join us day by day to make our mission possible.
  • Build a culture of excellence that enriches lives
  • Create value that sustains growth
  • Deliver best-in-class technology and business transformation solutions.


Acrux’s competitive advantage and the source of great value to our clients comes not only from our expertise in IT solutions and ITES professional services but from several aspects of our unique business model including an innovative offshore development approach, client-centric account management, business & technology competency centers, and business continuity preparedness. We like having our own targets and achieving them year by year, we are focused, committed, and target oriented.

Meet Our Team



Acrux is a private limited company in India with offices in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, having a development center in Hyderabad, Telangana.

Growing up in a small village in Andhra Pradesh, India our founder Raviteja had limited educational opportunities until his family shifted to a city. Fuelled by his dreams to compete in the world of computers, Ravi with his zeal to achieve his goals tried all the ways to learn and practice technologies, accessed his resources and got placed in an MNC. With his passion towards learning new technologies and will to develop, he has changed his technologies, gained expertise and gave his career different turns helping him in landing into his own IT services Company “ACRUX”.

After his learning and employment for a decade in the IT industry, he gained enough number of friends and well-wishers, guru’s in IT/ITES who helped him in transforming himself to a Director of a company. Ravi partnered with co-founder Rushyendramani not only professionally but personally as a life partner to working towards a common goal: to make ACRUX a Client-focused and employee-centric company.

Rushyendramani, M.D – Acrux IT Services, always dream about Acrux with a motto to grow others and grow as an individual. Great things in business are not done alone, it’s always a teamwork is her statement, which she always encourage.

Being the Director of a company, being an entrepreneur, being a mother, being a wife, a software engineer with an experience of about half a decade she has a clear vision to achieve her passion, she always strives hard for company’s pride and stays focussed to grow it big day by day. She always tends to transform Acrux into a family like an environment, always interact with its members, look about their wellness, their growth and ultimately make Acrux, undoubtedly an excellent place to work.


Managing Director



Sudheer Mylavarapu Leads Analytics and heads Acrux It Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of Acrux providing Customer Management Services to Fortune-10 companies. He has spent 2 years in the organization, managing multiple portfolios.

He has led large transformation programs for customers that have led to significant improvement in Customer Experience, Reduced Costs and Increased Profitability for our clients.

With a resolute focus on end-customer delight, Sriram Viriyala rallies the entire organization towards the objective of undertaking wing-to-wing ownership of key customer relationships.

Leveraging more than 12 years of global operations and leadership experience With an equally strong belief – in Associates as key drivers of customer value – Sriram Viriyala substantial time on the operation floors, engaging with and motivating Associates to stay focused on deliverables.



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