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posted on 13th january

Best Digital Publication Services

Digital publications services or Digital publishing is basically done using of digital technology to replace written material so that it can be disseminated and accessed through computerized electronic devices. According to Jon Battelle’s, digital publishing is “Connecting a community through the art and science of communication”.

In the age of constant digital revolution and technological magnificence, it has become mandatory to get ourselves imbibed into the latest trend, and getting inclined towards digital publications can be one such bright steps.  Digital publications services in India and around the world have emerged out of the necessity of embarking towards digitised content creation and an easy and smarter way of communication.

What are Digital Publication Services?

Despite the fact that there are several companies who specialises in digital publications services in India and in the USA or Australia such as Adobe, Pugpig, Kingutz, Kaltura, Pressmart, Dubanic, Acrux, Junkee Media, Momentum Media etc. who are arguably the ones that placed digital publishing on the map by making it an accessible technology for the masses, there are presently diverse ways to publish your works far beyond the PDF. Digital technology comprises everything from websites, blogs, and social networking platforms, to games, apps, videos, CDs, and downloadable materials – in fact, the simple text message is a form of digital publication marketing.

The materials which are aggressively emerging in the world of digital publishing include converting or creating newsletters, journals and blogs, advertisements, company reports, catalogues, books, magazines and other periodicals, massive libraries, resource materials and databases, scrapbooks and services like editorial services, copy editing, editorial proofreading, manuscript writing, page composition, template creation, book interior design, art and illustration, digital conversions predominantly XML, eBook conversion Services, Transcription for audio and eLearning Content Accessibility Solutions have turned into the most dynamic areas of specialisation in digital publication services.   

Interestingly, as with any progressing field, the terms used to describe the technology is dynamic and presently drives by more than one name. The original term “electronic publishing,” is gradually being substituted by the terms e-Publishing and digital publishing. However, all three describes the same technology, coincidently, the term “digital publishing” is most frequently used by companies offering e-Services.

What is the need for Digital Publication Services?

There can be a presupposition that the biggest benefit of going “digital” is cost savings, and while it can amount to huge financial savings over printed materials, there is an even greater benefit: magnified branding of your business. The enormous majority of consumers gets diverted to the internet seeking information about products, to read reviews, or even for online shopping. Digital marketers have also tapped into our cell phones with text messages sent to the device holders with offers and announcements reaching millions of people every day that would otherwise be impossible to target.

The supremacy of digital marketing can be effortlessly seen in how couponing has transformed. Coupons are directed via e-mail, presented for “online” or “in-store” only deals. However, consumers no longer even need to be in front of a computer to avail themselves the advantage of deals, new apps for smartphones let shoppers to scan the barcode of the concerned item in the store and relate prices.

According to, “Nearly 40% of smartphone owners utilise their phones for in-store price evaluations, making it the top mobile shopping-related doings. Besides even those with regular cell phones run price checks: During the 2011 holiday shopping season, 19% of consumers used their phone to compare products or prices in-store, up from 15% in 2010 and 3% in 2009, according to customer service research firm ForeSee.” With digital technology in our hands, clipping coupons from Sunday morning’s paper are becoming a lost art. Beyond coupons, merchants can now offer online and via e-mail, digital versions of their catalogues.

Digital catalogues have several advantages, for instance Print magazines and catalogues frequently take longer to prepare and often require three to six months of lead time. Digital versions can be positioned out there for all to see in a much less span of time.

Another factor to consider that once something goes to print it falls under time constrains to correct errors in content, pictures, or prices. Digital publications services are rapid, simple, and cost-effective to upgrade. Digital catalogues can be engaging and interactive. Different print catalogue versions which people may put down and forget about, digital catalogues allow users to click for more information or to place an immediate order. Catalogues may also allow consumers to see reviews and ratings, or offer their own opinions about a product. Digital catalogues accommodate the spontaneous buyer with more impact when compared to a printed version. Digital catalogues can be forwarded to friends, family, and over social networks by keeping your own original copy as it is. Digital content and materials of any origin have one standout benefit over printed material, printed materials infrequently go viral, however campaigns, especially the ones involving video marketing, launched through digital technology can do it worth.

Looking for the best Digital Publication Services?

Acrux has been steadfast to creating value to the deliverables with its advanced technology-based supportive services and products.

We have uniquely positioned ourselves in a way that meets the ever-evolving demand for content related solutions. With great emphasis on Publishing, Translation, E-Learning and IT segment, Acrux provides solutions to enhance business performance in the extraction and enrichment of content through flawless creativity, engaging designs and intelligent delivery methodologies. We have expanded significantly and embarked upon providing our services throughout the world. Our clients are based all over the world with their unique requirements and expectations.

Our competent team of professionals were drawn from academia and industry alike across various domains to provide competent yet achievable solutions, some of which were cross-domain requirements and aid our customers in having their needs translated into a proof-of-concept prototype. 

Acrux has specialised in offering digital publication services such as editorial services, copy editing, best editorial proofreading, manuscript writing, page composition, template creation, book interior design, art and illustration, digital conversions predominantly XML and eBook conversion Services, Transcription for audio, and eLearning Content Accessibility Solutions.

The best editorial proofreading works can be easily facilitated in Acrux. We are well equipped with an advanced technology for enhancing the quality of digital publications services. We are a one stop solution for all kinds of digital publications services in India. If you are looking for digital publications services in the USA as well, then our expert team can provide you with the best editorial proofreading along with several other services at your convenience.