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posted on 13th january

Best Editorial Services Providers in India

In this new era of publishing, it is all about the content being readily available in the desired style by the end-user and that too rapidly. Being one of the best digital editorial services providers in India, we at Acrux understand that the need of the hour is to have Smart Content and Technology solutions. Our highly knowledgeable team of editorial specialists delivering an advanced editorial services, focused on diverse range of industries make Acrux not only as one of the best editorial services providers in India but also as one of the top editorial services in the USA.

Cloud-based digital publishing, automated composition system, online smart editing, and machine language learning are the buzz words in today’s competitive age. Best Editorial Services that ensures perfection, accuracy and consistency will always be of immense importance for justifying perfection in the process of Digital publishing.

According to Jon Battelle’s, Digital publishing is “Connecting a community through the art and science of communication”. The present generation of the digital revolution and technological splendour demands getting acquainted with the latest development and forwarding ourselves towards digital publication

Global Editorial Services

Acrux has been providing the premier quality digital editorial services for publishers of books, journals, whitepapers, and more. We can work with virtually any publication for which the manuscript requires editorial work prior to getting published or released.  Acrux specializes in Digital editorial services, and our professional book editors undertake Manuscript preparation, language polishing, structuring of content and Editorial Proof Reading. Being one of the best digital editorial services providers, Acrux has its presence in India and the USA with services across multiple domains. Being a professional editorial services provider, Acrux provides US-based strategic solutions that ensure the enhancement of your enterprise’s requirements.

We deliver an extensive array of services at every phase of the publishing process, comprising of project management, production management, website development, proofreading, fact-checking, copyediting, developmental editing, technical writing, social media/blog writing, digital marketing, grants/proposals, news writing, graphic design, formatting math/program code, improving non-native authors’ readability, and comprehensive editorial support. Joining more than 5 years of experience in technical publishing on the international scene, we provide advanced, reasonable solutions to industry, academia, and non-profits.

Professional Editor Services Provider

Whether your organization emphasizes research and design, public policy, economics, information technology, geology, life sciences, chemistry, physics, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science, electrical engineering, mathematics, or any other STEM-related disciplines, our leading digital editorial services team can justify it with the best solution.  Our team of professional book editors has a well-deserved reputation for cultivating cutting-edge content and advancing it through the content-delivery chain. We are familiarized with working with global companies and organizations, multidisciplinary institutes, groups involving multiple stakeholders, and teams where technical jargon and non-native English (English as a second language, or ESL) can need further restructuring and consideration to combine voices and deliver a polished message to an extensive audience. Our team of experts take up language polishing and outshine in these circumstances and enjoy the collaborative process.

Acrux has been consistently prominent on the front lines of the print, web, advertising, and communications industries by the capability of our team compromising of expert, talented professionals into manuscript preparation, language polishing, structuring of content, copy-editing of all kinds, and editorial proof reading. Every editor, writer, developer, project manager, and designer in our organization has an established track record of accomplishment in delivering high-quality work in a timely fashion.

As one of the Best Digital Editorial Services Providers, we are equipped with a team of exceptional content specialists in Acrux who have experience with scholarly, technical, and commercial content in every style of file and format—starting from Word to WordPress, Adobe Photoshop to LaTeX. This comprehensive variety of skills permits us to meet all editorial needs.

Our range of Digital Editorial Services include:

Copyediting-Our editors work with authors to enhance the formatting, style, and accuracy of the text.

Developmental Editing-Our developmental editors can deliver extensive organizational assistance, developing and reorganizing the text while keeping your overall vision of the manuscript intact. We work along with authors to restructure their ideas into comprehensible, understandable work.

Proofreading-Proofreading services provide a final scrutiny for mechanical faults and printer faults. Manuscripts may be reviewed against a style sheet for guaranteeing that previous alterations have been incorporated.

ESL Services-In collaboration with hundreds of authors from around the world, we provide specialized services for authors writing in English as a second language (ESL).

Comprehensive Editorial Support-Whether you have an in-house team and need additional resources to get through a peak period or prefer ongoing help with all aspects of content creation and delivery, we are here for you.

Project Management-On average, our team members possess 10–15 years of project management experience. For clients with extensive outsourcing needs, our staff has planning, organization, and time management skills to meet short- and long-term project goals effectively and efficiently.

Web Content-Starting from blogs to website text, web copy is a unique beast that requires familiarization with site constraints and SEO technology. Our content specialists ensure clean, concise copy for the digital medium.

Writing-Either it’s researching and writing news articles and blogs about the latest trends in technology, motivating stakeholders through executive summaries and technical reports, or influencing your audience with brochures, websites, and catalogues, our team produces and delivers the product that would be appropriate for you and justify your purpose.

Manuscript preparation and language polishing– The most important of the editorial process is copyediting. Our competent team of highly qualified subject experts can undertake editing and review of manuscript or language polishing with simplicity as per the requisite styles and specs. Their advanced level of knowledge across diverse subjects enables them to take up the structuring of content with ease. Acrux is well recognized as a professional editorial services provider near you, be it in India or in the USA.  By emphasizing Publishing, Translation, E-learning, and IT segment, Acrux provides resolutions to enhance business performance in the extraction and enrichment of content through perfect creativity, pleasing designs, and intelligent delivery methodologies.  

Perfection has always played a crucial role in the professional world of business across every industry. Even a minute error in communication can cause significant negative impact on the business. Only an expert editorial services provider can understand your problem and deliver the best editorial services as per your expectation. Without perfection the soul in business communication gets lost and it’s essential to get associated with the best in competition. Acrux can be your single point of contact for all your digital editorial requirements and that can be based on diverse range of subjects.