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Composition - Typesetting

For XML-first and Non-XML composition, Acrux typesetting team can handle any complexity of content or of page design using InDesign and LateX.


InDesign is one of the highly sophisticated and used design package favoured by many publishers, large and extensively designed textbook editors that require ePub versions use this extensively. Using InDesign we can offer non-XML workflows first and non-XML and also offer a simplified ePub conversion process for ePub3 and MOBI.


When majority of source files of a journal or book are supplied in TeX or LaTeX, it is best option to work in LaTeX to maintain the integrity of the mathematics and mathematical symbols. Particularly, the equations shown in the TeX / LaTeX source files cannot always be converted to 100% when they are taken in other pagination systems, so this requires the modifications like rekeying of some material to avoid the inevitable risk of introducing errors in the Author’s carefully created mathematics. carefully by an author. By using XML-first LaTeX workflow we could overcome any such risks.


When you hand good people possibility, they do great things

Acrux’s competitive advantage and the source of great value to our clients comes not only from our expertise in IT solutions and ITES professional services but from several aspects of our unique business model including an innovative offshore development approach, client-centric account management, business & technology competency centers, and business continuity preparedness. We like having our own targets and achieving them year by year, we are focused, committed, and target oriented.


Clients Speak

I would like to give my sincere thanks to the Acrux team for their outstanding commitment to our project. The team took the time to thoroughly understand the vision and the requirements of the project, broke it into a comprehensive set of specifications, divided them into clearly defined sprints, and executed each sprint on time or ahead of time. Not only that, the team was also extremely responsive to inquiries and requests during the Complete project, always answering each within 12 hours or less. The weekly calls were always well attended, and every action was tracked and updated until they were completed to our satisfaction. As a result of this dedication and commitment, our Project was finished on time, on budget, and in spec. Each inquiry was handled promptly and professionally. Acrux has been an outstanding partner for our project, and I can wholeheartedly recommend them as a Digital Publishing partner.


We want to express our appreciation for the wonderful job and the excellent service that Acrux IT Services provides to CODEMANTRA on various platforms of publishing. Acrux is now our knowledge partners for Accessibility, XML and Epub services. Team at ACRUX is responsive to our needs and changing requirements of the Project. With the support, help, ideas and dedication offered to us by the wonderful team of Acrux IT Services we expect more Project to roll.


I felt Acrux IT Services was very professional and understood the issues I needed resolving. They have very up-to-date knowledge of the latest tech and ways of doing things. Acrux IT Services provided amazing support and was extremely knowledgeable; great to work with and very patient with me who does always understand the issue involved in what I am asking to be produce. All of the above, they are just concerned with meeting the spec and will move all the way to getting it done.


My experience outsourcing Project to Acrux IT Services was a good one. They handled the process of my project proficiently and professionally. Working with Ravi and his team was a great experience. It was easy communicating with him. He understood what I needed and worked very hard to deliver on time. I very much appreciated the amount of care he and his team put in delivering quality services and ensuring I am satisfied with their work. I would recommend using Acrux IT Services to businesses looking to outsource their development/publishing requirements.


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