Composition - Typesetting

For XML-first and Non-XML composition, Acrux typesetting team can handle any complexity of content or of page design using InDesign and LateX.


InDesign is one of the highly sophisticated and used design package favoured by many publishers, large and extensively designed textbook editors that require ePub versions use this extensively. Using InDesign we can offer non-XML workflows first and non-XML and also offer a simplified ePub conversion process for ePub3 and MOBI.


When majority of source files of a journal or book are supplied in TeX or LaTeX, it is best option to work in LaTeX to maintain the integrity of the mathematics and mathematical symbols. Particularly, the equations shown in the TeX / LaTeX source files cannot always be converted to 100% when they are taken in other pagination systems, so this requires the modifications like rekeying of some material to avoid the inevitable risk of introducing errors in the Author’s carefully created mathematics. carefully by an author. By using XML-first LaTeX workflow we could overcome any such risks.