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Leading publication services India, US and UK

posted on 13th january

Digital publication services India, US and UK

Digital publication services are the act of providing access to digital media to the targeted audience. At Acrux, we utilize our deep technology expertise to provide publishing solutions and enhance your branding and content monetization methods. We provide digital publishing and content marketing solutions by planning and building innovative digital products, which help our clients speak to their customers directly.

We are comprehensive digital Publication service providers in India, US and UK focused on delivering innovative solutions through our content marketing services. Your Information technology needs a one-stop solution to meet your business objectives.

With our experience of 4+ years, we are continually serving content writing, content editorial services, website designing & development, Graphic designing, E-commerce web services, and mobile app development services.

Our team keeps itself updated with the business and industry to execute the web content that builds your profitable brand while retaining the customers for the long term. We can help you with the most effective channels through which you can show off your products and services to get the best rewards.

Our digital publication services open many opportunities for earning such as sponsorships, subscriptions, placing advertisements, membership options, and many more. All you need to just give a hit with Acrux, one of the Best web development services in India, US and UK.

Besides that, we offer document indexing services to help companies create a database to compete in a data-savvy environment. Our data management experts handle text indexing using unique phrases and keywords that are easily accessible in local databases.

If you are looking to develop an Ebook or magazine for your customers and publish it on various digital marketing platforms, then Acrux is your right partner. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality and trend-based marketing services for your company.


Our expertise in Digital publication

• Publishing digital products to grab the new customer and retain the existing ones
• Designing and finalizing publications with creativity that suits best your business
• Running digital campaigns on various online social media platforms
• Effectively spreading catchy taglines through our copywriting services
• Developing a strong brand identity by using innovative graphics, logos, and color psychology

With our strategy, we have opened loads of ways to monetize our client’s content, and today, we are known as the best web content providers in India, US and UK.


IT services company India, US and UK

Let not the technology bring your business down.
Websites are the basic foundation for every business and necessity to survive in the competitive environment to make your clients conscious of your existence. Starting from website design and application development to eLearning development, Acrux is providing one of the best digital marketing services in India, US and UK.
Delivering eCommerce website design and development services for years, we have successfully accomplished more than 100 projects with satisfaction.
Are you excited to establish your unique brand with top web development company India, US and UK? Let’s connect with us today; we are working with companies of all sizes ranging from startups, mediocre, to large scale business industries.


Our IT services include:

• Website designing and development
• E-commerce website development
• Search engine optimization services
• Graphic and logo designing services
• Social media optimization services

Translation and localization services

With the global vision and local approach to customer services, Acrux understands the need for translation services and delivers high-quality translation and localization solutions.
Trusted by many reputed companies B2B and B2C, we are leading the industry with fast turnaround and exceptional customer services. We are known for quality assurance and highly scalable to meet unique customer demand from various fields.


Our translation services include

• Technical translation
• Website localization
• Document translation
• Audio-video translation
• Application localization
• Marketing translation
• eLearning and development solutions

eLearning and development Services

Acrux, being a provider of cloud computing development services India, US and UK, offers a vast range of eLearning and development solutions. The best use of technology, science, and artificial intelligence enables us to develop customized e-learning solutions based on your requirements.


Our eLearning and development solutions include

• Custom content development
• Product and technical training portal
• Game-based learning
• Video-based training platforms

Content editorial services in India, US and UK

Writing is an art to express your meaningful thoughts, but no matter how expressively you write, your writing needs proofreading and editing before getting published. We have the proficiency to make your content SEO friendly by placing the keywords naturally through our content editorial services in India, US and UK.
At Acrux, maintain a robust team of highly professional and experienced content writers to provide content writing services in India, US and UK. All are experts in content editing and proofreading services with assured quality and quick turnarounds.


Our content editorial services include:

• Eliminating misspellings
• Improvement in grammar
• Typographical errors
• Improving content readability
• Making changes for clarity in understanding

Mobile app development company India, US and UK

We design and develop custom mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms using AI and ML technologies. No matter how complex or diverse your needs are, we appreciate and can proudly say our expert team of mobile app development, India, US and UK can exceed your expectations.
We understand that every app is different and needs a different special strategy and attention. Thus, we first spend considerable time deeply listening to your requirements, research, and then planning a complete roadmap. Acrux follows a systematic and standard process to ensure flawless project completion.
Our well-trained android developer team is always researching to invent new and unique developments for clients. Android and iOS development services require various advanced technology and tools to customize applications. We have worked in multiple sectors for mobile app development like E-commerce, Gaming healthcare, finance, and insurance, and startups.


Our mobile app development services include:

• Android app development India, US and UK
• iPhone app development
• Mobile app testing and launching

Social media marketing services in India, US and UK

Our creativity and understanding of the trend make us the best social media marketing company in India, US and UK. Social media platforms can dynamically increase the user’s interest in your company. Being the Digital Publication service providers India, US and UK, we offer complete social media marketing services for your publications.


Our social media marketing services include:

• Assessment of target audience
• Creation of social media marketing strategies
• Continuous monitoring of social media platforms
• Utilization of insights, tracking data, and tools
• Encouraging awareness through our digital publication platforms

Graphic designing company India, US and UK

Effective use of graphic designing can speak too much about your business, products, and services. It has the powerful impact on customers’ minds to convey your message in the optimized yet straightforward manner. Graphic designing can help in creating your brand, build credibility, and increase sales and revenue.
Our creative team of illustrators is highly talented in providing top-notch digital illustration services. We can shape your concepts into powerful designing forms to convey your message more excitingly. Everything we illustrate is specifically targeted to meet your business needs and creates a long-lasting impression on customers.
Our services at Acrux, graphic designing company India, US and UK, have the team of professional and most talented graphic designers. Our graphic designing services include:

• 3D Digital graphics
• Social media graphics
• Infographics
• Ebooks, magazines, flyers, brochure graphics
• Online Ads graphics

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