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Acrux, No.1 Digital publishing services in India is a publishing company that acts as a mediator. We help connect the work of creative artists to the general public. Acrux Best Digital publishing services in India act as a bridge to improve the original work and make it more efficient and engaging as possible. Acrux quality digital publishing services near me hold a firm approach in turning content into multiple forms for better audience reach. We are one of the Leading digital publishers in Hyderabad.

Acrux XML data conversion services provider in India helps writers connect with their audiences and understand their target market and we ensure that your book sells. Acrux provides the best content enrichment services in India. We provide complete and customized end-to-end solutions for various publishing segments through our highly skilled professionals and innovative technology Acrux accessibility services expert in India . We offer various comprehensive project-management services for academic, and non-academic books and journals. 

    Acrux no.1 content development services in India manages all the phases of the pre-press production process for books and journals, from editing raw manuscripts to the final product for both print and digital versions.

    What services do we offer?

    ● Project Management 

    At Acrux, creative learning solutions in India provides professional project managers the expertise to seamlessly integrate and manage the end-to-end requirements of our clients. The team is highly experienced in their respective domains and is focused on providing the best experience to our clients. They are thoroughly trained to execute effective strategies and deal with any critical situation that may arise. Our project managers provide the best end-to-end digital publishing services in India and are flexible in their availability for communication. As a result, we can deal with clients from all over the world in different time zones.

    ● Composition and typesetting 

    Our XML first workflow ensures that the integrity of the content is maintained throughout the process leading XML service provider in India. In the constantly changing digital landscape, we understand and leverage the advantages of an XML first production workflow. This makes the whole process more flexible, reusable, and automated. The XML first workflow makes us one of the top digital publishing companies in India.

    ● Journal and STM publishing

    Acrux accessibility services expert in India has extensive experience in the management of STM, non-STM, and academic journals. We expertise in the single source, multiple output publishing workflows that allow for efficient publishing, which includes E-Books, electronic deliverables, and a lot more. Providing the best digital publishing solutions in India, our technology enables publishers to maximize the value and results of their content. We also provide end-to-end digital publishing services for books as well as STM journals. Acrux consistently produces the best quality output by leveraging the best software, including, LaTeX and InDesign.
    ● Graphic designing and image services 

    Acrux creative learning solutions in India offers professional and quality graphic design resources to handle all the publisher’s design and production needs.
    Being the best content enrichment services in India, we have a team of expert designers who can convert pencil sketches into professionally rendered images. Our graphic designers can render graphs, charts, illustrations, drawings, and other complex images. Acrux provides end-to-end digital publishing service providers in India. The variety of our graphics service ensures that we provide the best value and results to our clients.
    ● Premedia Services

    Our team of experts at Acrux outsourcing XML conversion services in India specializes in making your content more appealing and attractive. We leverage the best software to provide various Premedia services like:
    ● Page layout 

    Layout design is very crucial as it determines what information is read or left out. From catalogs to magazines to books, we follow a well-created work process. Acrux provides the best outsourcing XML conversion services in India.
    The first step is to determine the volume of information and accordingly design pages that allow information to be presented in the correct flow and according to the client’s needs. Acrux is of top web accessibility testing services in India.
    ● Ad adaption 

    Ad agencies often believe that a successful Ad can be reused in the same format on various other platforms web and mobile accessibility services in India. The problem arises when an Ad has to be resized as per the guidelines of those platforms.
    Acrux is one of the leading end-to-end digital publishing service providers in India and we ensure that the Ad can be adapted without losing the creative essence and the impact.

    Why choose us?

    We, at Acrux, provide the best digital publishing services in India and focus on high-quality deliverables. We help clients in various industries with digital publishing services. To date, we have processed thousands of manuscripts. We give you our best to deliver high-quality deliverables, as per your expectations, at the best rates. No.1 digital publishing company in India.

    Here are some of the main reasons why you should choose Acrux for the best digital publishing company in India.

    ● Wide range of Deliverables  

    We provide prepress services for various formats like, but not limited to, Smart PDF, E-Books, electronic deliverables, STM journals, and a lot more. E-learning development services in India.
    ● Best Publishing experience 

    We are one of the leading digital publishing companies in India and our experts assess your requirements and complete the project as per your needs.
    ● Experience in a variety of Industries 

    We’ve worked with various clients in different markets and business segments. Being the leading digital publishing company in India, we comply with all the technical requirements as per the industry you are catering to.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Digital publishing services in India are essentially transferring your manuscript from your computer to a website/platform that accepts and showcases your book on the web. 

    Digital publishing service providers help to do more than convert your book to a pdf. They ensure that your manuscript is readable on every device, which also helps you to use your publications as a marketing tool to drive sales. Translational services provider in India.

    At Acrux, one of the leading digital publishing service providers in India, we assist you throughout your journey of manuscript editing and getting it published on the web. 

    Digital publishing services is still in its nascent stage, and it can become overwhelming given the number of platforms that exist today. 

    The most famous platforms currently in the market are Google, Amazon, and Adobe. Acrux is one of the XML conversion services in India. The future is digital publishing. Most traditional publishers have started offering their publications digitally because of the reach and social media integration that the digital medium has to offer. 

    Acrux, a digital publishing company in India, will help you take advantage of the digital revolution that’s happening and as a result, your business is bound to reach newer heights. 

    At Acrux, Accessibility service provider in India we take customer satisfaction very seriously. If you are not satisfied, you can provide feedback to us directly and we will look into your issue immediately.