Content Writing / Editing

Content plays a vital role in this Digital World.

Our content writer’s edit, write and put their effective writing skills to give their best to reach our client expectations. Our writers/editors are strong in grammar, and vocabulary. They are professionally bound to give the best content, “plagiarism”- our client’s can forget about this for the content we produce. Our subject matter experts gives the best solution authoring outputs for Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry Academics. Our team has expert level experience in using Math Type, Math ML, and content editing & writing. We almost handle books from grades VII to class XII for CBSE Syllabus and also provide our services to competitive books as well.

Composition - Typesetting

For XML-first and Non-XML composition, Acrux typesetting team can handle any complexity of content or of page design using InDesign and LateX.


InDesign is one of the highly sophisticated and used design package favoured by many publishers, large and extensively designed textbook editors that require ePub versions use this extensively. Using InDesign we can offer non-XML workflows first and non-XML and also offer a simplified ePub conversion process for ePub3 and MOBI.


When majority of source files of a journal or book are supplied in TeX or LaTeX, it is best option to work in LaTeX to maintain the integrity of the mathematics and mathematical symbols. Particularly, the equations shown in the TeX / LaTeX source files cannot always be converted to 100% when they are taken in other pagination systems, so this requires the modifications like rekeying of some material to avoid the inevitable risk of introducing errors in the Author’s carefully created mathematics. carefully by an author. By using XML-first LaTeX workflow we could overcome any such risks.

Data Conversions -

XML, EPUB, Fixed layout, PXE, Interactive e-Books- HTML/HTML5, Audio/Video books, Read aloud

  • XML-First workflow is the major implementation for any books or journal to get the final PDF and once the print cycle is completed all other deliverables like print files, web pdf’s, ePUB, MOBI are also generated from the XML file. Efficient and faster delivery with quality control milestones made us one of the best choice for our clients in this industry.
  • Epub- Reflowable (ePUB2 & ePUB3), Fixed Format.
    Acrux offers conversion using the EPUB 2 format, which is still commonly used or asked for, or the EPUB 3 format. The EPUB 3 specification introduced a series of improvements than compared to EPUB 2 that use assistive technologies to make content more widely accessible.
  • Interactive ebooks are the new digital publishing standard which allows easy integraton of audio, video and interactivity. EPUB 3 with audio synchronization, text magnification and an audio track synchronized to page turns, EPUB 3 with synchronized audio and integrated video and audio files and EPUB 3 with synchronized audio narration and word-by-word highlighting, integrated video and audio files, HTML5/CSS3 animation, and JavaScript interactivity are Acrux advantages. We don’t do voice-over and illustrators but use client provided data and synchronize the same.
  • PXE- HTML5 markup language and the EPUB3 eBook packaging specification. This is used to create, assemble and deliver Pearson educational content from once source file to multiple emerging products

Our Team creates a wide variety of reflowable and fixed format books. Fixed- layout offers various options for enhancement of the reading experience based on the platform used.

Apple iBooks, Amazon Kindle, etc. Our fixed-layout team has a flexible environment in which automation and manual work are mixed as required for each specific project then we test our ebooks on all the target devices.

We have created around 100+ primary school books and comic books and are continuously increasing our learning spree for technology and providing our services to over 20+ clients across the globe which includes few direct publishers from USA, UK and Australia.

Accessibility - PDF, Word, Excel

  • As most of today’s population globally is making digital touchpoints as their first choice of interaction and as the digital economy is connecting businesses and their respective customers across continents and users of all types of abilities, inclusive content is a best way to reach every potential user.Accessible content not only improves the customer base, but also increases brand value and regulatory compliance in different countries.
    • Designing and developing fully accessible digital eLearning products
    • Accessibility testing & implementation
    • Providing remediation
    • Implementing video accessibility
    • ALT text writing

    Our Accessibility team has working knowledge of providing accessibility solutions across various standards and Acrux provides digital accessibility services for websites, web and mobile applications and documents.

    • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) from W3C
    • HTML5
    • PDFs, eBooks/ePUBs- Documents