Our Expertise Tailormade Services


Acrux provides comprehensive patient access services, including appointment scheduling, eligibility verification, prior authorization and financial advice. Acrux focus on and help identify the most productive opportunities to collect co-insurance, co-pays, deductibles and self pay amounts during each stage of the revenue cycle


During the evaluation phase, Acrux evaluates clean and first-step claim rates and compares them with industry best practices. An audit of claims that do not pass the invoice editor software will be performed. Based on the result, Acrux identifies the root causes and works with the appropriate teams (for example, Patient Access, Coding or IT) to implement the necessary changes and put the metrics within an acceptable range. Acrux services focus on ensuring that claims contain complete and accurate data that result in timely and optimal payment. By applying a series of interrelated steps, which include patient demographic validation, insurance mapping and specific issues of the insurer applied to the diagnosis and procedure codes, we optimize the cash flows of our clients.


Acrux payment posting includes the reconciliation and accounting services of manual and electronic payments. Provides credit balance services to help ensure compliance with excess payment reimbursements. Cash policies and procedures are evaluated and improved as necessary. As the changes are implemented, we perform an audit to identify compliance with the procedures. Acrux guarantees that there are adequate reconciliation processes to link the cash records with the actual deposits and provide the necessary reconciliation reports to the Accounting and Finance departments.


Acrux provides accounts receivable management services for doctors that significantly improve the time and amount of charges. Our team of highly qualified A / R professionals will apply custom approaches to accounts receivable based on age, type of insurance and the threshold of money to accelerate collections. With our open technology platform for the management of accounts receivable, Acrux seamlessly translates customer accounts without affecting cash flow.


Acrux Denial Management services include:

  • Structured workflows to classify and reject jobs
  • Appeals adapted to specific denials
  • Trend analysis to deny patterns and success of appeals and feedback loops to correct previous processes and editions to eliminate denials in the future.

As the information on the remittances is processed, we evaluate the rejections and perform an analysis of the root cause to identify the source. We implement strong policies and procedures for the Denial Management team to track trends and communicate issues with a focus on the front and back of staff education, as well as system adjustments as needed to help the reduction and prevention of denial.