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Blessed with a skilled team possessing extensive knowledge in multiple programming languages and platforms, Acrux can produce a tailor-made website or an application or a portal and is not limited to a templated design or a single tool. Our planning starts with identifying the clients short-term & long-term objectives, constraints, budget and other considerations. Along with these variables and streamlined operations, we drive our custom offerings, enabling our clients to better make informed decisions, well ahead of time. The plethora of services include

Website Design &


❖ Responsive Web Design

❖ E-commerce Websites

❖ Web Hosting



Custom application development with Acrux is all about partnering with a team which has vast experience on project and product development know and have delivered a well number of projects to the satisfaction of its clients, creating powerful value for their businesses. Acrux offers a complete application development by working closely with its customers to understand the Customer’s specific requirements, and produce a product design that appeals to their target market and develop it on time with quality assurance testing, deployment support besides assisting them on further maintenance. The basket of services includes,

❖ Mobile Application & plugin Development

❖ Intranet portal development

❖ Custom reporting systems

❖ Application Integration

❖ Monitoring & security applications



Assessing needs before the start speeds up the development process. With understanding of your requirement and target audience the team at Acrux delivers suitable eLearning material either it be a training module or a custom course ware or a walkthrough. Reviewing the objective and the instructional plan, the team formalises the content by selecting suitable platform and bring out a prototype before the final courseware is delivered. The services in line are

❖ Module Creation

❖ Portal development