Acrux Digital Publication

Translation & Localization Services


DTP experts at Acrux carry out the creation or duplication of page layouts which may have text, graphics and images to bring out a final product for both printing or electronic display. The team specialises in producing newsletters, brochures, manuals, books, web pages, etc by restructuring the document as per requirement in the applications listed below.

❖ Adobe InDesign

❖ Adobe Framemaker

❖ Microsoft Publisher

❖ Microsoft Powerpoint

❖ Corel Draw

❖ Adobe Illustrator

❖ Photoshop

The portfolio includes,

❖ Source Recreation

❖ Format design & Layout

❖ File Preparation

❖ OCR & Text Extraction

❖ File format conversion


To further your content’s accessibility around the world and enhance them to suit various delivery mediums, Acrux provides localization solution for all your content delivery models by aptly localizing the intended content with reference to the culture, thus impactfully connecting them to the target audience. From Voiceovers to subtitling services, closed captioning to annotations, we make your content reach all the segments of your target market.

❖ Document Localization

❖ eLearning Localization

❖ Website Localization

❖ Microsoft Powerpoint

❖ Audio Video Localization