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  • WELCOME TO ACRUXDigital Publishing World

    The home to a host of impactful digital solutions
    Delivers products and services that satisfies each and every customer
    Operational infrastructure based on a flexible architecture
    Offers a full scope of creative solutions for publishing
    Achieving its goal of being a leading IT & ITES service provider
  • Editorial ServicesEditing Professionals

    Manuscript preparation
    Language polishing
    Structuring of content
    Copy editing – all levels
    Editorial Proof Reading
  • Page CompositionTypesetting or interior design

    Template Creation
    Book Interior Design
    Artwork Placing
    Print Ready Files
    Pitstop Reports
  • Data conversion

    Scanning & OCR
    Data Entry
  • AccessibilityStandards of ADA, 508 & WCAG 2.0

    ePub Accessibility Services
    eLearning Content Accessibility Solutions
    Creation & Insertion of Alt Text image descriptions
    Accessible Forms, PDFs
  • IT Serivces Skilled Team Possessing Extensive Knowledge

    Enterprise Application & Solutions
    Cloud Computing
    Automation Technologies
    Data Science
    Desktop Support

Welcome to Acrux

About Acrux

Welcome to Acrux, the home to a host of impactful digital solutions. Focussing on customer centric deliverables, Acrux nurtures relationships with its clients, suppliers, employees and stakeholders by integrating all touch points. Promoted by passionate entrepreneurs, Acrux delivers products and services that satisfies each and every customer, who have specialised and specific needs. First and foremost, we are thinkers who understand the big picture and how it translates to action items. Oh yes, we also happen to be a pretty sharp team of Creative artists, design/UI specialists, web developers, software engineers, infrastructure specialists, content architects and business strategists that are solely focused on partnering with your organization to fulfil its objectives. Given today’s pressure of making more of an impact with less resources, we collaborate on identifying your root challenges first. Technology comes next.

Acrux has modelled its operational infrastructure based on a flexible and scalable architecture and has equipped itself with the latest tools and technologies along with the requisite domain specialists to meet exact business needs of our customers. We do not just create custom solutions but make it relevant and realistic to help our clients in meeting their unique business needs. With forward thinking and beyond the limits working attitude, Acrux offers a full scope of creative solutions for publishing, localization and eLearning industry segments, effectively utilising the IT skills gained over the years. With an agile team of very erudite and professional associates, complimented by enthusiastic management, Acrux marches towards achieving its goal of being a leading IT & ITES service provider.

Acrux – Digital Publication Services

Digital publication services India, US and UK

Digital publication services are the act of providing access to digital media to the targeted audience. At Acrux, we utilize our deep technology expertise to provide publishing solutions and enhance your branding and content monetization methods. We provide digital publishing and content marketing solutions by planning and building innovative digital products, which help our clients speak to their customers directly.

We are comprehensive digital Publication service providers in India, US and UK focused on delivering innovative solutions through our content marketing services. Your Information technology needs a one-stop solution to meet your business objectives.

With our experience of 4+ years, we are continually serving content writing, content editorial services, website designing & development, Graphic designing, E-commerce web services, and mobile app development services.

Our team keeps itself updated with the business and industry to execute the web content that builds your profitable brand while retaining the customers for the long term. We can help you with the most effective channels through which you can show off your products and services to get the best rewards.

Our digital publication services open many opportunities for earning such as sponsorships, subscriptions, placing advertisements, membership options, and many more. All you need to just give a hit with Acrux, one of the Best web development services in India, US and UK.

Besides that, we offer document indexing services to help companies create a database to compete in a data-savvy environment. Our data management experts handle text indexing using unique phrases and keywords that are easily accessible in local databases.

If you are looking to develop an Ebook or magazine for your customers and publish it on various digital marketing platforms, then Acrux is your right partner. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality and trend-based marketing services for your company.

Our expertise in Digital publication

• Publishing digital products to grab the new customer and retain the existing ones
• Designing and finalizing publications with creativity that suits best your business
• Running digital campaigns on various online social media platforms
• Effectively spreading catchy taglines through our copywriting services
• Developing a strong brand identity by using innovative graphics, logos, and color psychology

With our strategy, we have opened loads of ways to monetize our client’s content, and today, we are known as the best web content providers in India, US and UK.

IT services company India, US and UK

Let not the technology bring your business down.
Websites are the basic foundation for every business and necessity to survive in the competitive environment to make your clients conscious of your existence. Starting from website design and application development to eLearning development, Acrux is providing one of the best digital marketing services in India, US and UK.
Delivering eCommerce website design and development services for years, we have successfully accomplished more than 100 projects with satisfaction.
Are you excited to establish your unique brand with top web development company India, US and UK? Let’s connect with us today; we are working with companies of all sizes ranging from startups, mediocre, to large scale business industries.

Our IT services include:

• Website designing and development
• E-commerce website development
• Search engine optimization services
• Graphic and logo designing services
• Social media optimization services

Translation and localization services

With the global vision and local approach to customer services, Acrux understands the need for translation services and delivers high-quality translation and localization solutions.
Trusted by many reputed companies B2B and B2C, we are leading the industry with fast turnaround and exceptional customer services. We are known for quality assurance and highly scalable to meet unique customer demand from various fields.

Our translation services include

• Technical translation
• Website localization
• Document translation
• Audio-video translation
• Application localization
• Marketing translation
• eLearning and development solutions

eLearning and development Services

Acrux, being a provider of cloud computing development services India, US and UK, offers a vast range of eLearning and development solutions. The best use of technology, science, and artificial intelligence enables us to develop customized e-learning solutions based on your requirements.

Our eLearning and development solutions include

• Custom content development
• Product and technical training portal
• Game-based learning
• Video-based training platforms

Content editorial services in India, US and UK

Writing is an art to express your meaningful thoughts, but no matter how expressively you write, your writing needs proofreading and editing before getting published. We have the proficiency to make your content SEO friendly by placing the keywords naturally through our content editorial services in India, US and UK.
At Acrux, maintain a robust team of highly professional and experienced content writers to provide content writing services in India, US and UK. All are experts in content editing and proofreading services with assured quality and quick turnarounds.

Our content editorial services include:

• Eliminating misspellings
• Improvement in grammar
• Typographical errors
• Improving content readability
• Making changes for clarity in understanding

Mobile app development company India, US and UK

We design and develop custom mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms using AI and ML technologies. No matter how complex or diverse your needs are, we appreciate and can proudly say our expert team of mobile app development, India, US and UK can exceed your expectations.
We understand that every app is different and needs a different special strategy and attention. Thus, we first spend considerable time deeply listening to your requirements, research, and then planning a complete roadmap. Acrux follows a systematic and standard process to ensure flawless project completion.
Our well-trained android developer team is always researching to invent new and unique developments for clients. Android and iOS development services require various advanced technology and tools to customize applications. We have worked in multiple sectors for mobile app development like E-commerce, Gaming healthcare, finance, and insurance, and startups.

Our mobile app development services include:

• Android app development India, US and UK
• iPhone app development
• Mobile app testing and launching

Social media marketing services in India, US and UK

Our creativity and understanding of the trend make us the best social media marketing company in India, US and UK. Social media platforms can dynamically increase the user’s interest in your company. Being the Digital Publication service providers India, US and UK, we offer complete social media marketing services for your publications.

Our social media marketing services include:

• Assessment of target audience
• Creation of social media marketing strategies
• Continuous monitoring of social media platforms
• Utilization of insights, tracking data, and tools
• Encouraging awareness through our digital publication platforms

Graphic designing company India, US and UK

Effective use of graphic designing can speak too much about your business, products, and services. It has the powerful impact on customers’ minds to convey your message in the optimized yet straightforward manner. Graphic designing can help in creating your brand, build credibility, and increase sales and revenue.
Our creative team of illustrators is highly talented in providing top-notch digital illustration services. We can shape your concepts into powerful designing forms to convey your message more excitingly. Everything we illustrate is specifically targeted to meet your business needs and creates a long-lasting impression on customers.
Our services at Acrux, graphic designing company India, US and UK, have the team of professional and most talented graphic designers. Our graphic designing services include:

• 3D Digital graphics
• Social media graphics
• Infographics
• Ebooks, magazines, flyers, brochure graphics
• Online Ads graphics

Best Digital Publication Services

Digital publications services or Digital publishing is basically done using of digital technology to replace written material so that it can be disseminated and accessed through computerized electronic devices. According to Jon Battelle’s, digital publishing is “Connecting a community through the art and science of communication”.

In the age of constant digital revolution and technological magnificence, it has become mandatory to get ourselves imbibed into the latest trend, and getting inclined towards digital publications can be one such bright steps.  Digital publications services in India and around the world have emerged out of the necessity of embarking towards digitised content creation and an easy and smarter way of communication.

What are Digital Publication Services?

Despite the fact that there are several companies who specialises in digital publications services in India and in the USA or Australia such as Adobe, Pugpig, Kingutz, Kaltura, Pressmart, Dubanic, Acrux, Junkee Media, Momentum Media etc. who are arguably the ones that placed digital publishing on the map by making it an accessible technology for the masses, there are presently diverse ways to publish your works far beyond the PDF. Digital technology comprises everything from websites, blogs, and social networking platforms, to games, apps, videos, CDs, and downloadable materials – in fact, the simple text message is a form of digital publication marketing.

The materials which are aggressively emerging in the world of digital publishing include converting or creating newsletters, journals and blogs, advertisements, company reports, catalogues, books, magazines and other periodicals, massive libraries, resource materials and databases, scrapbooks and services like editorial services, copy editing, editorial proofreading, manuscript writing, page composition, template creation, book interior design, art and illustration, digital conversions predominantly XML, eBook conversion Services, Transcription for audio and eLearning Content Accessibility Solutions have turned into the most dynamic areas of specialisation in digital publication services.   

Interestingly, as with any progressing field, the terms used to describe the technology is dynamic and presently drives by more than one name. The original term "electronic publishing," is gradually being substituted by the terms e-Publishing and digital publishing. However, all three describes the same technology, coincidently, the term "digital publishing" is most frequently used by companies offering e-Services.

What is the need for Digital Publication Services?

There can be a presupposition that the biggest benefit of going “digital” is cost savings, and while it can amount to huge financial savings over printed materials, there is an even greater benefit: magnified branding of your business. The enormous majority of consumers gets diverted to the internet seeking information about products, to read reviews, or even for online shopping. Digital marketers have also tapped into our cell phones with text messages sent to the device holders with offers and announcements reaching millions of people every day that would otherwise be impossible to target.

The supremacy of digital marketing can be effortlessly seen in how couponing has transformed. Coupons are directed via e-mail, presented for "online" or "in-store" only deals. However, consumers no longer even need to be in front of a computer to avail themselves the advantage of deals, new apps for smartphones let shoppers to scan the barcode of the concerned item in the store and relate prices.

According to, "Nearly 40% of smartphone owners utilise their phones for in-store price evaluations, making it the top mobile shopping-related doings. Besides even those with regular cell phones run price checks: During the 2011 holiday shopping season, 19% of consumers used their phone to compare products or prices in-store, up from 15% in 2010 and 3% in 2009, according to customer service research firm ForeSee." With digital technology in our hands, clipping coupons from Sunday morning's paper are becoming a lost art. Beyond coupons, merchants can now offer online and via e-mail, digital versions of their catalogues.

Digital catalogues have several advantages, for instance Print magazines and catalogues frequently take longer to prepare and often require three to six months of lead time. Digital versions can be positioned out there for all to see in a much less span of time.

Another factor to consider that once something goes to print it falls under time constrains to correct errors in content, pictures, or prices. Digital publications services are rapid, simple, and cost-effective to upgrade. Digital catalogues can be engaging and interactive. Different print catalogue versions which people may put down and forget about, digital catalogues allow users to click for more information or to place an immediate order. Catalogues may also allow consumers to see reviews and ratings, or offer their own opinions about a product. Digital catalogues accommodate the spontaneous buyer with more impact when compared to a printed version. Digital catalogues can be forwarded to friends, family, and over social networks by keeping your own original copy as it is. Digital content and materials of any origin have one standout benefit over printed material, printed materials infrequently go viral, however campaigns, especially the ones involving video marketing, launched through digital technology can do it worth.

Looking for the best Digital Publication Services?

Acrux has been steadfast to creating value to the deliverables with its advanced technology-based supportive services and products.

We have uniquely positioned ourselves in a way that meets the ever-evolving demand for content related solutions. With great emphasis on Publishing, Translation, E-Learning and IT segment, Acrux provides solutions to enhance business performance in the extraction and enrichment of content through flawless creativity, engaging designs and intelligent delivery methodologies. We have expanded significantly and embarked upon providing our services throughout the world. Our clients are based all over the world with their unique requirements and expectations.

Our competent team of professionals were drawn from academia and industry alike across various domains to provide competent yet achievable solutions, some of which were cross-domain requirements and aid our customers in having their needs translated into a proof-of-concept prototype. 

Acrux has specialised in offering digital publication services such as editorial services, copy editing, best editorial proofreading, manuscript writing, page composition, template creation, book interior design, art and illustration, digital conversions predominantly XML and eBook conversion Services, Transcription for audio, and eLearning Content Accessibility Solutions.

The best editorial proofreading works can be easily facilitated in Acrux. We are well equipped with an advanced technology for enhancing the quality of digital publications services. We are a one stop solution for all kinds of digital publications services in India. If you are looking for digital publications services in the USA as well, then our expert team can provide you with the best editorial proofreading along with several other services at your convenience.

Best Information Technology (IT) Services

Innovation is the wave of the future and Information Technology (IT) is one such driving force towards progressing your business potential to the zenith. 

Information Services is concerned with the application of business and technical expertise to empower organizations in the conception, supervision, and optimization of or access to information and business processes.  The Information Technology services market can be categorized by the type of skills that are employed to provide the service (design, build, run). There is also a diverse category of services such as business process services, application services, and infrastructure services.  In case, these services are outsourced, termed as business process outsourcing (BPO), applications outsourcing (AO), and infrastructure outsourcing. 

Information Technology services in India are on a progressive note and a positive and dynamic drive towards new-age innovation can lead businesses and commerce to reach the pinnacle of success.

What are Information Technology Services?

In today’s progressive business environment, there is no shortage of IT systems playing a crucial role in driving day-t0-day operations. However, businesses are also under mounting pressure to excel at their central objective along with their IT operations. The latter is beneficial to be able to succeed in the former, therefore it’s quite necessary to know about the kind of IT services your business need in order to succeed. 

Necessary Information Technology (IT) services can include Hardware, Software, Network Infrastructure, Mobile device management, Cloud computing, Cybersecurity, Website design services, Website development services, Website development services, Web hosting services, Application development services, Mobile application development services, eLearning developments, eLearning portal development services, Custom reporting systems and also Monitoring and security application developments.

What is the need for Information Technology Services?

Information technology (IT) services drives innovation which happens to be the path to a prosperous business. Modernization in business has the same impact that steam had on the industrial revolution. In fact, it’s highly impossible to predict any business that has not benefited from the digital revolution. Even we find the agriculture industry uses computers aggressively. Farmers use computers for keeping records of their production, financial planning, the examination on technical issues, and procurement. Nowadays, the formula for success in business is simple, drive innovation with information technology.

Information Technology services has given businesses the tools to solve complex problems, likewise allowed businesses to make better decisions, enriched marketing processes, improved customer support, and progressed resource management.

If the purpose of business is to increase profits, then innovation should be the benchmark to accelerate the profits rapidly. The story of Jan Koum is also a prominent example of how much great businesses signify innovation. He went from food stamps to billionaires because of his invention of WhatsApp.   

Information Technology services in India has gained a tremendous transformation and leading experts from the country and across the world specializing in Information Technology have been constantly excelling in the field to keep on with its dynamism and progression.

Looking for the best Information Technology Services?

Acrux is one of the best Information Technology services in India that has been steadfast in creating value to the deliverables with its advanced technology-based supportive services and products.

We have uniquely positioned ourselves in a way that meets the ever-evolving demand for content-related solutions. With great emphasis on Publishing, Translation, E-Learning, and Information Technology services, Acrux provides solutions to enhance business performance in the extraction and enrichment of content through flawless creativity, engaging designs, and intelligent delivery methodologies. We have expanded significantly and embarked upon providing our services throughout the world. Our clients are based all over the world with their unique requirements and expectations. If your requirement in Information Technology services in the USA as well, then our competent team will facilitate it at your convenience. We deliver Information Technology services in Australia and other parts of the world. 

Our competent team of professionals was drawn from academia and industry alike across various domains to provide competent yet achievable solutions, some of which were cross-domain requirements, and aid our customers in having their needs translated into a proof-of-concept prototype. 

Acrux is recognised to be one of the best Information Technology services provider in India   

offering digital publication services such as editorial services, copy editing, best editorial proofreading, manuscript writing, page composition, template creation, book interior design, art and illustration, digital conversions predominantly XML and eBook conversion Services, Transcription for audio, and eLearning Content Accessibility Solutions. We are also one of the best website development services provider, along with web hosting services, application development services, and mobile application development. Acrux also provides Information Technology services such as   eLearning developments, eLearning portal development services, custom reporting systems, monitoring and security application developments.

Best Editorial Services Providers in India

In this new era of publishing, it is all about the content being readily available in the desired style by the end-user and that too rapidly. Being one of the best digital editorial services providers in India, we at Acrux understand that the need of the hour is to have Smart Content and Technology solutions. Our highly knowledgeable team of editorial specialists delivering an advanced editorial services, focused on diverse range of industries make Acrux not only as one of the best editorial services providers in India but also as one of the top editorial services in the USA.

Cloud-based digital publishing, automated composition system, online smart editing, and machine language learning are the buzz words in today’s competitive age. Best Editorial Services that ensures perfection, accuracy and consistency will always be of immense importance for justifying perfection in the process of Digital publishing.

According to Jon Battelle’s, Digital publishing is “Connecting a community through the art and science of communication”. The present generation of the digital revolution and technological splendour demands getting acquainted with the latest development and forwarding ourselves towards digital publication.

Global Editorial Services

Acrux has been providing the premier quality digital editorial services for publishers of books, journals, whitepapers, and more. We can work with virtually any publication for which the manuscript requires editorial work prior to getting published or released.  Acrux specializes in Digital editorial services, and our professional book editors undertake Manuscript preparation, language polishing, structuring of content and Editorial Proof Reading. Being one of the best digital editorial services providers, Acrux has its presence in India and the USA with services across multiple domains. Being a professional editorial services provider, Acrux provides US-based strategic solutions that ensure the enhancement of your enterprise's requirements.

We deliver an extensive array of services at every phase of the publishing process, comprising of project management, production management, website development, proofreading, fact-checking, copyediting, developmental editing, technical writing, social media/blog writing, digital marketing, grants/proposals, news writing, graphic design, formatting math/program code, improving non-native authors' readability, and comprehensive editorial support. Joining more than 5 years of experience in technical publishing on the international scene, we provide advanced, reasonable solutions to industry, academia, and non-profits.

Professional Editor Services Provider

Whether your organization emphasizes research and design, public policy, economics, information technology, geology, life sciences, chemistry, physics, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science, electrical engineering, mathematics, or any other STEM-related disciplines, our leading digital editorial services team can justify it with the best solution.  Our team of professional book editors has a well-deserved reputation for cultivating cutting-edge content and advancing it through the content-delivery chain. We are familiarized with working with global companies and organizations, multidisciplinary institutes, groups involving multiple stakeholders, and teams where technical jargon and non-native English (English as a second language, or ESL) can need further restructuring and consideration to combine voices and deliver a polished message to an extensive audience. Our team of experts take up language polishing and outshine in these circumstances and enjoy the collaborative process.

Acrux has been consistently prominent on the front lines of the print, web, advertising, and communications industries by the capability of our team compromising of expert, talented professionals into manuscript preparation, language polishing, structuring of content, copy-editing of all kinds, and editorial proof reading. Every editor, writer, developer, project manager, and designer in our organization has an established track record of accomplishment in delivering high-quality work in a timely fashion.

As one of the Best Digital Editorial Services Providers, we are equipped with a team of exceptional content specialists in Acrux who have experience with scholarly, technical, and commercial content in every style of file and format—starting from Word to WordPress, Adobe Photoshop to LaTeX. This comprehensive variety of skills permits us to meet all editorial needs.

Our range of Digital Editorial Services include:

Copyediting-Our editors work with authors to enhance the formatting, style, and accuracy of the text.

Developmental Editing-Our developmental editors can deliver extensive organizational assistance, developing and reorganizing the text while keeping your overall vision of the manuscript intact. We work along with authors to restructure their ideas into comprehensible, understandable work.

Proofreading-Proofreading services provide a final scrutiny for mechanical faults and printer faults. Manuscripts may be reviewed against a style sheet for guaranteeing that previous alterations have been incorporated.

ESL Services-In collaboration with hundreds of authors from around the world, we provide specialized services for authors writing in English as a second language (ESL).

Comprehensive Editorial Support-Whether you have an in-house team and need additional resources to get through a peak period or prefer ongoing help with all aspects of content creation and delivery, we are here for you.

Project Management-On average, our team members possess 10–15 years of project management experience. For clients with extensive outsourcing needs, our staff has planning, organization, and time management skills to meet short- and long-term project goals effectively and efficiently.

Web Content-Starting from blogs to website text, web copy is a unique beast that requires familiarization with site constraints and SEO technology. Our content specialists ensure clean, concise copy for the digital medium.

Writing-Either it’s researching and writing news articles and blogs about the latest trends in technology, motivating stakeholders through executive summaries and technical reports, or influencing your audience with brochures, websites, and catalogues, our team produces and delivers the product that would be appropriate for you and justify your purpose.

Manuscript preparation and language polishing- The most important of the editorial process is copyediting. Our competent team of highly qualified subject experts can undertake editing and review of manuscript or language polishing with simplicity as per the requisite styles and specs. Their advanced level of knowledge across diverse subjects enables them to take up the structuring of content with ease. Acrux is well recognized as a professional editorial services provider near you, be it in India or in the USA.  By emphasizing Publishing, Translation, E-learning, and IT segment, Acrux provides resolutions to enhance business performance in the extraction and enrichment of content through perfect creativity, pleasing designs, and intelligent delivery methodologies.

Perfection has always played a crucial role in the professional world of business across every industry. Even a minute error in communication can cause significant negative impact on the business. Only an expert editorial services provider can understand your problem and deliver the best editorial services as per your expectation. Without perfection the soul in business communication gets lost and it’s essential to get associated with the best in competition. Acrux can be your single point of contact for all your digital editorial requirements and that can be based on diverse range of subjects.


When you hand good people possibility, they do great things

Acrux’s competitive advantage and the source of great value to our clients comes not only from our expertise in IT solutions and ITES professional services but from several aspects of our unique business model including an innovative offshore development approach, client-centric account management, business & technology competency centers, and business continuity preparedness. We like having our own targets and achieving them year by year, we are focused, committed, and target oriented.


I would like to give my sincere thanks to the Acrux team for their outstanding commitment to our project. The team took the time to thoroughly understand the vision and the requirements of the project, broke it into a comprehensive set of specifications, divided them into clearly defined sprints, and executed each sprint on time or ahead of time. Not only that, the team was also extremely responsive to inquiries and requests during the Complete project, always answering each within 12 hours or less. The weekly calls were always well attended, and every action was tracked and updated until they were completed to our satisfaction. As a result of this dedication and commitment, our Project was finished on time, on budget, and in spec. Each inquiry was handled promptly and professionally. Acrux has been an outstanding partner for our project, and I can wholeheartedly recommend them as a Digital Publishing partner.

htc.png Testomonials

We want to express our appreciation for the wonderful job and the excellent service that Acrux IT Services provides to CODEMANTRA on various platforms of publishing.

Acrux is now our knowledge partners for Accessibility, XML and Epub services. Team at

ACRUX is responsive to our needs and changing requirements of the Project. With the

support, help, ideas and dedication offered to us by the wonderful team of Acrux IT Services

we expect more Project to roll.

Codemantra.jpg Testomonials

My experience outsourcing Project to Acrux IT Services was a good one. They handled the process of my project proficiently and professionally. Working with Ravi and his team was a great experience. It was easy communicating with him. He understood what I needed and worked very hard to deliver on time. I very much appreciated the amount of care he and his team put in delivering quality services and ensuring I am satisfied with their work. I would recommend using Acrux IT Services to businesses looking to outsource their development/publishing requirements.

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